It Sounds Like A Ting

This is an assignment for Illustration class, we had to choose a band and make three concert posters. I chose The Ting Tings, an English alternative pop duo. I picked them due to their funky style which allowed me the freedom to create something nice and also the nostalgia. I stumbled upon them in New York while they were pre-recording for the NBC New Years celebration. 

If you haven't heard of the band before I highly suggest you do.

So I could not help myself I had to post this picture. This was taken from youtube, yes if you type in The Ting Tings 2009 New Years Eve celebration it will come up, and yes that is me in the background, I was on national TV for all about .0001 seconds, I am still waiting for the rest of my 14.9999 I have left of fame.

And on to my work...