Creative Series: Mark Mawson



"Mark has bases in London & Sydney and spends his time between the two shooting for advertising agencies & magazines."

Creative Moxie: How did you get interested in photography?
Mark Mawson: I have had a camera since I was 8 years old, I was always interested in the way it worked and the different effects light created.

CM: What camera equipment can you not live without?
MW: I'd be lost without most of my equipment.

CM: You have photographed celebrities, underwater scenes and fashion. Who or what would be your dream shoot?
MW: Tricky question as every shoot is different & I find that exciting. I would like to shoot a large set underwater.

CM: You have received a lot attention for your “Aqueous Floureau” series which was created using only paint and water. According to the Huffington Post it took you six years to complete. What were some of your challenges with this project and why did it take six years to finish?
MW: That is a misquote. I shot my first series 6 years ago and Aqueous Fluoreau is my third series. Each series takes a couple of months to complete.

CM: What is the best part with being a photographer?
MW: Being free to express yourself through images.

CM: What are the greatest challenges you face in your profession?
MW: Keeping your profile out there is a constant challenge.

CM: How do you promote your work?
MW: I promote my work online, through social media and also through newspapers & magazines.

CM:Any advice for photographers just starting out?
MW: If photography is a passion, then go for it. If it seems like a glamorous job, forget it!

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