Creative Series: Laura Di Francesco

I came across Laura Di Francesco's work through her Etsy page. From there I fell inlove with the whimsical drawings and worlds Laura has created. She has been kind enough to give Creative Moxie blog an insight into her process.

Creative Moxie: When did you begin creating such whimsical creatures and how did you develop the style?
Laura Di Francesco: I work as illustrator and designer since 2003, but these latest creatures come from all the inspirations that I had in Sweden. I decided to move all my life from Italy to Sweden, after I saw the magnificent landscape which seems to carry you into a magical dimension. Infact the old style that I had in Italy became almost unknown after this experience.

CM: How long does an average illustration take to complete and what is your usual thought-process when creating the characters?
LDF: There isn't a specific timing for creating or completing an illustration, it often depends from the dead-line. Sometimes it takes two days, other times just few hours. This last happens when I'm particulary in sintony with a writer or a publisher I work with. I do preparing first some sketches, as a storyboard or a dummy, and then I work on it with fantasy.. matching colours and define all the characters. The part I like the most is trying to translate concept, visions or words into an image.. This is my mission. And... never forget to work with happiness!

CM: What are the main materials you work with?
LDF: I love watercolours, charcoals and ink on white paper... which is often matte. That's all :)

CM: What is your biggest challenge with being a freelance artist? 
LFD: Oh... everyday is a challenge! Sometimes it seems impossible to plan a solid future... for having always back an inconstant "salary", but working with freedom is the best.

CM: You have a clothing and accessories project entitled Mimí. What inspired the name, and what can we look forward to seeing in future?
LFD: Mimí means "ears" in japanese... So I designed the rabbit CONNI that hears the sounds of the nature. Around him all his GANG, made of creatures that take care of wildlife... Have a look at these examples:

Infact these idea has been taken from my attention for environment, the energy that it gives us for free... We should think about it. I'm working to get a "marriage" between my style and a collection of ecological clothes. The range of age will be dedicated to the small babies. I know... Fashion is a huge word into a huge world... But everyone is exclusive.

CM: When you aren't working on illustration projects you are...?
LFD: Ehehe.... A woman with an flat, a family... Lots of clothes to wash.. :)

CM:Any advice to illustrators who are just starting out?
LFD: Yep! Feel your own style and make it work. Try to focus on various thematics due to editorial needs and put them on a nice, clean folio (I have to follow my own suggestions too!)

CM: Anything else you would like to add?
LFD: Sure! I would open a brief parenthesis concerning the last children book I did with the writer from Barcelona "UN COR MÀGIC - A magic heart ". I just had the new that it has enrolled to the next Picture Book Awards in Corea! It sounds really exciting. You can have more info about following the editor's blog: Here

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