Creative Series: Paul Windle

Paul Windle was a Texas designer, but recently moved to the Big Apple to pursue illustration. I was fortunate to be Paul's classmate in college and even luckier to snag some of his screen prints. Paul has a very quirky style and creates these unique hand-drawn characters that have their own personality. Check out Pauls advice for design students in the latest Creative Series Q&A.

CreativeMoxie: What is the current project you are working on?
Paul Windle: I’m working on a few things. I just finished some editorial illustration for
a really awesome magazine called Bitch. I’m working with some friends
on a group zine about pizza. I’ve been drawing some weird outer spacey
buildings for fun. I’ve been doing some sketch swap drawings for my friend
Alyssa’s Illustration blog Ten Paces and Draw. I’m also working on some
furniture designs that I want to build soon.

CM: What is the biggest lesson you have learned while doing Winners! Press
with your former classmates?
PW: Whitney, Spencer and I have done some large-scale projects and
organized big exhibitions, which we wouldn’t have been able to do on
our own. We’re a good team. Everyone has pulled their weight, and
we all contribute in different ways. So, I’ve realized that it’s best to find
collaborators that are equally as into in a project as you are and have
abilities that you don’t have. Although, I’m not sure how you find those
people. I think we got lucky.

CM: What interests you so much with making zines?
PW: I like the challenge of making a coherent series of drawings, and then
figuring out the best way to present them. Also, It can be really hard to
decide what you want to make art about, so it’s nice when you have a
predetermined theme or idea and all you have to do is make drawings in
line with that.

CM: Greatest challenge of being a freelance illustrator?
PW: Waking up in the morning and being self disciplined enough to put in a
hard days work and not just watch movies and eat Oreos. It’s especially
hard when you work from home.

CM: The best part of being an illustrator?
PW: I’d say drawing… I’ve loved drawing for as long as I can remember. Now I
get to do it all the time and people give me money for it. It blows my mind.

CM: Any advice for design students?
PW: Make the work that you want to make, reach out to other people that
make things you like, both at school and through the Internet, listen to
lectures, go to museums and galleries, read books, eat right, exercise,
dodge danger, brush your teeth, don’t count you’re chickens before they’re
hatched, etc.

CM: Anything else you would like to add?
PW: I don’t know… look up Conan Obrien’s farewell speech on his last episode
of the Tonight Show and Steve Job’s speech he gave at Stanford on
Youtube. I wouldn’t be able to say anything wiser or more inspirational
than those dudes.

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