Album Preview:MGMT-Congratulations

I did a little review for my favorite music blog- Subservient Experiment.

It really is hard to follow-up MGMT’s first album, Oracular Spectacular, because of its greatness, but one must give the Brooklyn band credit for trying a new style. If you like “The Munsters” theme song, you might enjoy their new album Congratulations as well.

But the album falls short of its predecessor’s fun sound; All the tracks have a melodramatic sound with no differing changes between tracks and no overtly catchy tunes. For instance, if you were keen on “Kids” from Oracular Spectacular you may not like the new album. But if you happen to prefer a more mellow mix of whimsical keyboard noises this album could be for you.

“Song for Dan Treacy”--written for the (now-no-longer) unsung English cult musician and leader of Television Personalities, an implicit influence on MGMT--and “Flash Delirium” are definitely the gems of the bunch. Although not much different from all the other songs, they have something interesting about them that may ask for a second listen.

Fans have the opportunity to stream Congratulations in its entirety on the MGMT official Web site. The album will get its physical release April 13th.

-Laura Sliva