Lady Gaga knows marketing

Where she does it right.

Even if you do not like pop star Lady Gaga, I think designers and marketers can really appreciate the identity she has created.

Many things Lady Gaga flaunts is not necessarily original, but they way she owns it and uses it has now reinvented the look and made it hers. 

How does she do it? Well her looks never just stop at her music videos. She wears her costumes from the videos on her daily outings. She is seen photographed in the crazy styles, which are seen on blogs and magazines. 

Even her dance moves create an identity. The choreography is not particularly fantastic or even hard, but she carries over certain moves from one video to the next. Allowing viewers to connect her past performances and also making it easier for people to dance to it themselves. 

With this expertise on identity she has now made performers that came before her, now being accused of copying her. 

Basically the lesson is- find a look. Don't stop using the look. Carry the look throughout different mediums creating a cohesive identity, then when the look becomes recognizable alter it.

And although she isn't the first artist to create a style, with the way of technology it makes marketing yourself easier.

Agree, disagree, what do you think?