The Gift List

Well that time of year is coming up where every month it seems like you are giving gifts (at least in my case). So here is a small list of gift ideas that hopefully inspire you on what to give that creative person in your life.

A great place to buy a gift for nearly everyone, for anything and for every budget. They have jewelry, clothing and other really random homemade things. And to make you feel better you are supporting smaller artists.
-Wide selection of everything and at different price points 
-Unique work
-Great prices for some really great artwork
-Beware! make sure you read the sellers description carefully, don't be afraid to ask them questions and read customer reviews. You might get unlucky and buy from a subpar crafter. 

Magazine subscription
I have to admit I stole this idea from a friend who got this for my birthday. I thought it was a great idea, and every month I kept getting new things to read. Some magazine ideas could be Print, ID, CMYK, DWELL
-So many niche magazines you can really get one that fits their interests
-They are reminded of your gift when a new one comes in the mail every month
-Can be expensive
-Subscribe in advance so they get it by their birthday

You can buy some really neat designer gifts from clothing to wall decorations. Veer just updated their website and now have a credits, prepaid, option available 
-Get some designer-esk fashion
-Many of the items range from medium to high in price

Designers love looking at things for inspiration, so why not get them a designer book?
-So many books, there is bound to be one to fit the person you are shopping for
-Many books can be quite expensive

Art supplies
Why not buy them a sketchbook, or a really nice drawing pen? 
-Give them what they need and not just a fluff gift
-You need to know specifically what kind of materials they use

Why not get them something original, while supporting smaller artists.
-Original, you cant buy it in stores.
-You can get some really good deals, sometimes.
-New designs everyday
-You need to know the size of the person you are buying for.