iPhone Crochet Case

I present to you my first complete crochet piece. It is not without flaws, but it is something to protect my iPhone when it gets tossed around in my purse. Actually it is to protect my iPhone and its case. So yes a case for the case. I feel like im making the Russian dolls of cases.

I would give you the pattern, but honestly I just started crocheting double stitches until it was the right size. But here are some helpful resources that I used.

Found the project on:
craftgawker - Seriously inspires and makes you want to make things. They also have an iPhone app.

Saw this project:
rosesnlillies - The blog gives you a pattern (I started to use and then went my own route.)

Learned to make the buttons
JJ Crochet - Although I didn't finish making the flower (liked it looking more like a button) I used this youtube to get started.