Dominic Bracco II

I am so fortunate to have worked at The Shorthorn, UT-Arlington student newspaper, during my college career. I have learned so much from my peers and advisors especially from my first photo editor Dominic Bracco. I started as an inexperienced photographer and over time became a photojournalist. From learning the ethics of photojournalism to technical photo skills, Dom was just a great guy to learn from and I really owe him a lot for the skills I have now. So it is wonderful that his photography is getting recognized and showing at UT-Arlington.

"What is life really like for residents of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico? We’ll explore the lives of people trapped in one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the world this hour with photojournalist Dominic Bracco, who has extensively covered the situation there. His exhibit “The War Next Door: Narco-Violence and the U.S. Mexico Border” is on view at the University of Texas at Arlington through December 15. Dominic Bracco will also speak at UTA this week."

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