Drink coasters are a hard thing to come by, or at least in my area. Most stores don't carry them or the designs are just old-fashion. Coasters are geat because I've noticed with some furniture that uses MDF board or particle board they tend to swell and bubble up, permanently damaging the table when glasses are placed on the surface, so coasters are a must. My boyfriend and I were on the hunt to find some nice looking coasters which led me to the idea we should just make them. It was cheaper then buying them at the stores and allowed us to choose specifically what we wanted.

Time:About 30 minutes to make, when you have all the supplies
Cost: Around $10, depending on what type of tile you get.
Stone tile, can find this at Home Depot, Lowes or other home improvement stores in the tile section.
- Self adhesive felt, can find this at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

I found great 4x4 stone tiles at Home Depot that were around $4 for a package of 8. They had other ceramic tiles that you can get creative with and paint(make sure you find the proper paint that will stick to the tile), and some glass bathroom tiles which would also work. The stone tile was great with matching the boyfriends apartment and manly enough too.
We first cleaned off the stones and got rid of the dust by simply running it under water and light scrubbing.

Then we measured the felt, and cut it slightly smaller than the tile and rounded off the corners with scissors.

Then peeled the back of the felt and simply stuck it on the tile. If you have felt that does not have a self adhesive you will have to buy the proper glue to stick on the tile.

And bada bing bada boom you have yourself a custom made coaster. Have fun!

Photos taken with iPhone.