DIY Wallet

Learn how to create a durable wallet in this latest DIY. This wallet is a tri-fold that holds your cash, credit cards and completely customizable to your needs. Let's get sewing!

-(2) 26x7 inch cloth
-(1) 3x7 inch cloth
-Snap Closure
-Needle & Thread (preferably a sewing machine)
-Any embellishment you prefer, I used a button

I chose two fabrics the exterior which has the pattern and the interior which was just white. If your exterior fabric is thick enough you will not need to use the interior fabric. The fabric I used in this tutorial came from Joanns called "country cross stitch The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection"

Cut your two main pieces 26x7inches each

Sew the two pieces right side together 1/2" from edge, leave one 7 inch open. After sewing three sides, flip the fabric so the wrong sides are now touching.

On the end not previously sewn together, fold over edge and sew 1/2" from edge.

Fold up the part you just seamed up 3 inches. This will be the storage compartment for your bills.

Take the 3x7 inch cloth and hem the edge length side. You are now working on the credit card holder.

Fold this piece in half to have 2 1/2 inch. Now wrap the edges around the flap that is going to hold your bills and sew the credit card holder ends to the bill compartment. You will now have a little pocket that should be deep enough for your business and credit cards. 

You will now fold up the last flap up to 2 inches. This will be your second spot for a credit card holder.  Now take this section and sew lengthwise about 4 inches from the edge and about 3 inches down. This will create a nice snug place for your credit cards.

Now it is time to place on your snaps. Hand sew the snaps on through one layer of the fabric so you do not see the stitch marks through the other layer. 

It is time to sew it all together. Fold up your bill and credit card fold. And now sew down both sides of the wallet to close the opening. The wallet will fold three times total. Now time to embellish the wallet if you would like, I added a button for decoration.

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