Big (D)esign Conference Dallas,TX

Thanks to ArtWorks, I had the opportunity to attend the Big (D)esign Conference hosted in Addison, Texas. The event featured designers, content strategists, social media experts and developers that shared their tips.

Friday, September 5 Speakers included:

Jeff Gothelf - Building a Culture of Innovation
"An innovative culture is a learning culture."
"Transform culture of delivery, to a culture of learning."

The core of innovation is the team:
- Keep teams small
- Collocated, sitting together.
- Keep individuals dedicated to the project, and limit multiple projects.
- Self-sufficient, make sure the team has all the resources and know-how to accomplish the project.
- Task teams to a business outcome
- Give the team a problem to solve not a solution to implement.

Rob Garner - Real Time Content Marketing in a Connected World of Search and Social 
What is your audience looking for? When they come to your site, do you solve their problem.
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Bernadette Coleman - 101 Different Amazing Engaging Content Ideas
Ways to engage your audience with quality content.
- Interviews
- Share your story
- Contest & giveaways
- FAQ's
- Reviews
- Recommendations
- Scoops or exclusives announcements
- live blogging and live tweeting
- Things to do
- Commentary and editorials

Chelsea Maxwell - Busting Brain Myths for Better Design
 People want to identify with who they are, hence the popularity of Myers-Briggs personality. Use quantifiable attributes to design, not based on brain myths.
- Age
- Occupation
- Tasks
- Technology experience
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A.J. Wood - Adobe Creative Cloud Tips and Tricks
CC Photoshop :
Allows you to create image assets in real time as you work.
Smart Objects 
The ability for smart objects to be stored externally, and linked to a document.
Camera Raw
Now a filter inside Photoshop CC, which allows you the image-editing flexibility.
Edit videos in CC Photoshop
Perspective Warp
This new tool allows you to select an object in a 2-dimensional photo, and then customize in a 3-dimensional workspace. 

CC InDesign :
Grid with photos
Create grid quickly when placing images.
App Building
Create engaging interactive apps using InDesign

DPS Tips App : Learn how to create interactive layouts in InDesign and publish them to iPad.

Adam Polansky - Keynote
Letter to a Junior Designer
Take your ego out of it. The less married to the idea the easier to defend it.
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Jeremy Johnson - Bringing the User Back to the User Experience
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Pamela Pavliscak - Left to Their Own Devices:What People Really Do on Mobile and How to Design For It
10 Mobile behaviors and designing for them

John J Nosal - The Search Equation:The Intersection between SEO, SMM, and PPC
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