Great American Sports Photography Logo Design

Logos are one of my favorite things to design. I love the challenge of translating everything a company is, into a symbolic mark. It is even better when working for a great client that trust your ability to transform their ideas into something that can be translated across platforms. I got to work with Great American Sports Photography (GASP) - a professional photography company that shoots sporting events with onsite photo purchase. I have previously worked with GASP so it was great to get the opportunity to refresh their look.

As a photography company I wanted to incorporate some kind of camera motif, which is represented by the film strip. The crest behind the film strip was inspired by soccer logos, which is one of the many events the company shoots. The stripes are an acknowledgment to the name "Great American" and the colors of a nice dark blue and red. It was important to me to make this logo compact so that it can scale down nicely and go on different collateral pieces, from shirts to watermarks on photos.