How-to Wire Wrap Seaglass Jewerly

One of my favorite things to do is seashell hunting on the beach. You never know what you are going to find and it is exciting each time. I decided to take my finds and create a necklace with it! It is really easy to make wire wrap seaglass.

+ round wire, I used silver
+ beach glass
+ wire cutters
+ pliers
+ chain, I used brown suede

Lay out all your seaglass to see what you are working with. You can mix and match pieces or make one large giant piece. 

I cut the wire about 12 inches (more or less depending on how large the glass is and your design). Fold the wire in half and wrap around the pliers twice to make a hook. Then wrap the wire around itself. 

 Place the wire on the back, and start to wrap around the glass. Your pattern will be determined on how much wire you want and how large the glass is.


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