On Good Taste: Ira Glass

Today will kick off a week of posts dedicated to new college graduates, congratulations!

During school, at the point of graduation, and even today a year later, I have a lot of disappointments with my design. There have been very few things I have made that after I look at I know it's done and nothing else could be changed to make it better. Not saying what I make is a complete disaster but as a creator I know I could do better. This feeling will get me down a lot of times and even question 'am I good enough to be a designer?' But after watching this, it makes me realize everybody has felt that way.

When you graduate, you definitely feel insecure about your talents, your profession. But have no fear, Ira Glass has some great advice from his own learning experiences.

I found this video from the article How to Create Designs You Know to Be Good

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