The Tiny Art Director

The The Tiny Art Director, is such a cute blog. A father draws pictures at his daughters request, to only critique them afterwards.

"Architects, artists, ad agencies, designers, copywriters, indeed anyone who's ever suffered the critiques of an exacting client or for that matter, any dad who's ever tried to keep his daughter happy will find solace in Tiny Art Director. Based on the popular blog of
the same name, Tiny Art Director chronicles toddler Rosie Zeman's efforts to get some decent work out of her artist father, Bill. Rosie may not know much about art, but alas for Bill, she knows what she doesn't like to her ever-increasing exasperation, that's his hilarious interpretations of her commissions. By turns sweet and silly, Tiny Art Director is a paean to long-suffering creatives everywhere and a touching portrait of a father's love for his daughter."


(via @puxxle)