DIY : Shirt to Purse

This is a relatively easy, no measure, upcycle (the practice of taking something that is throwaway and repurposing it into something greater) project. I decided to convert a button-up shirt into a purse. I actually used the shirt's pattern to help guide the way as I was making it. So there are some extra steps I took to make a successful purse.

You Need:
- A shirt
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
- Thread

The shirt used in this project was a medium. Try to use a shirt that has a heavy material, it will help in making the purse less floppy. 

On both sides cut down the length of the shirt. Cut as close to the side as possible, this will give you more fabric to work with for the base of your purse. Do no throw away the sleeves this will be used as the strap.

Fold the bottom of the shirt up to the desired depth you want the purse to be. Do this to both sides of the shirt and pin. You are pinning to the wrong side of the fabric (what would be the inside of the shirt.) Doubling the layers will give the purse a little more strength. Now cut at the collar to split the pieces in two. So now you will have two relatively square folded pieces of fabric. Iron the bottom to create a crisp bottom. 

Now you are going to sew the folded-up side. The right sides(outside of the shirt) are facing outward. If there is no hem on your shirt, create one so it does not fray. I just used the hem already sewn on the shirt. Do this to both pieces. Next lay the right sides (outside of the shirt) facing each other. Now sew along the three sides. I did this twice just to make it more durable. Now turn inside out and you have the majority of the purse. Now time to add handles!

Use the sleeve fabric for the strap. Cut a rectangle to the desired width and fold in half lengthwise with both right sides(outside of shirt) touching. Now sew along the edge, but do not sew the shorter sides yet. Now turn the fabric right side out. 

Now pin it to the side of your purse and determine the length you want your purse. Now sew the strap to the inside of the purse. I stitched about 3 times to make sure it was secure. 

I used an extra button that was originally on the shirt to be the snap to open and close the purse. 

I also created a purse out of pants, which is a lot easier to make. You basically just sew the bottom together and use the extra leg pieces for the handle.

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